Shinsen Cleanser / Exfoliator Gel: Janes Fabulous FindsShinsen is a clear, non-abrasive cleanser/exfoliating gel, which when applied on the face, neck and decollete skin in a circular motion, will safely cleanse, release and remove accumulated dead skin. Using natural marine elements and fruit acids, Shinsen changes the way you exfoliate. The clear gel goes on easily and gives the user dramatic effects as it instantly releases the dead skin from the surface. Shinsen also acts as a hydrator and helps to quickly regenerate NEW skin. It speeds up the renewal process as it soothes, softens and nourishes.

Formulated in Japan, this spa-level treatment has been used for years in medical spas and by estheticians in Japan and the US. It’s benefits are far reaching, all who try it are pleasantly surprised at the instant results. As the dead skin is washed away, you will notice a glow coming from your skin that you didn’t have before. Shinsen is proven to improve the quality of the skin, and allows your other skin care products to actually penetrate better. Skin will readily absorb moisturizer as opposed to clogging pores from applying crèmes over dry, dead skin. This is often the cause of common acne.

With its natural healing and soothing properties, Shinsen cleanser/exfoliator provides results without intense abrasion or harmful, expensive treatments. This is what makes Shinsen so different. It really works and yet is so gentle and luxurious. Daily use will refine your skin. In fact, the longer you use it, the more your skin will thrive.

S H I N S E N   P R O D U C T   N O T E S
•Two products in one
•Natural marine elements
•Hyper-allergenic, non irritating
•So effective-visible results in one application
•So gentle, it can be used all around the eyes
•Excellent for cuticles and calluses